I am Stanley S. Thornton. For now, I am Mystic Dragon Book Fairs. I'm guessing that your first question is how did I come to decide to promote book fairs. Actually, it seems like it's a more simple answer than most people would think.

In November of 2010, I became an author with the release of my first book. In 2013, as I was coming out with my first fantasy novel, and with my experience with publishers, I felt I could do it better myself...and so I became my own publisher, Mystic Dragon Publishing. As I looked around for book fairs to promote myself, I learned there aren't very many book fairs at all, so I decided to promote my own book fair. I have done my best to make my fairs affordable so that independent authors have a voice as well. As my publishing company is the sponsor of the book fairs; hence the name, Mystic Dragon Book Fairs.